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Town Fight Foras Fire

Airtricity League – Division 1. Saturday 20th March 2010.
Athlone Town 1-1 Cork City Foras Co-op

Athlone battled against 11 Cork players, 1 ref and 2 assistants at Athlone Town Stadium on Saturday night to maintain their unbeaten status and consolidate 2nd place in the table. While the opening minutes of the game played out fairly even steven in terms of possession and chances, Athlone showed no fear against the biggest name in Division 1 … a whopping, and abbreviated, 17 letters (not including the hyphen!).

Gareth Kenna put the icing on the cake of several impressive performances by scoring a fantastic cross to give Town the lead. However the lead didn’t last long with Foras equalising from a dubiously awarded penalty. Chris Bennion was millimetres away from keeping it out.

The ref, assisted by equally incompetent linos, only accurate call in the game was the starting whistle and a spate of cards and frees were dished out resulting in Des Hope getting his marching orders, with Kevin Williamson following him soon after. Both keepers were booked … McNulty for mouthing and Bennion for time wasting. Although for Bennions, the referee did not signal to continue play. Another ref reliably informs me that they do not need to whistle for it but should indicate with a wave or something. This referee did neither and as Bennion began his run to take the kick, he was halted mid stride to be booked.

Then, with Dave Rogers playing the entire world on … a Noel McGee volley was ruled out for off side and so the game ended honours even!

Finally the Corkies can stop giving out about being victimised by officials and its fair to say, in Cork speak, that Athlone were well and truly “Ridden Rock Solid”

(A word of thanks to Ray who loaned me his Canon 70-200 for the game … hopefully mine will arrive soon!)

Another good performance, with a goal to boot, for midfielder Gareth Kenna

Erm ... caption competition anyone???

Eoghan O

Full set HERE

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