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Willow Take The Oath

Sunday 30th January 2011. FAI Junior Cup Round 4. Willow Park
Willow Park 2-0 Rathoath Harps

Willow Park booked their place in Round 5 of the FAI Junior Cup with a hard fought win over Rathoath Harps of Meath. Late goals from Aidan Hyland and Brian Fogarty put the Midlanders through … and thats about all I can say on the game as I only got there for the last 14 minutes or so!!!

According to the crowd on the touchline I just missed the first goal, and due to the general lack of excitement I presumed it was Rathoath who scored. “Never mind” said I, trying to cheer them up … “I’m sure they’ll get the equaliser now that I’m here”
And it wasnt until the final whistle, when the extra time I presumed would follow didnt, that I copped why I was getting dirty looks from the Willow faithful!!!!

I gave Gerry €2 so hopefully that puts me back in the good books 🙂

Click Here For More Photos From Willow Park v Rathoath Harps

Willow Park goal scorer Brian Fogarty shields the ball away from Coleman Conmey

Click Here For More Photos From Willow Park v Rathoath Harps

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