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Embarrassed To Be Irish

Wed 4th August 2010. Aviva stadium Opening Friendly
Airtricity League XI 1-7 Manchester United

Nice stadium, pity about the people in it. This pretty much sums up my 1st trip to the new Lansdowne Road. Unfortunately on the pitch this game done little to showcase the cream of League of Irelands talents and the undoubted gulf in class was there for all to see. However it was none other than the people of Ireland who let themselves down last night. There is something quite pitiful to see grown men, draped in their new Man U jerseys, brand new with tags … going on to buy the green/yellow Glazer Out scarves from the street peddlers along Shelbourne Road. Ohhh that’ll really hurt the corporation you’ve just poured money into!

At times it felt like the crowd were just 1 Mexican Wave away from starting up a chorus of Rule Britannia … but oh no, as Irish people we could never support “The Brits” …

There were men from Dublin and from Cork, Fermanagh and Tyrone (and a lot more) and Sean South would turn in his grave to hear the put on Manchester accents on an alarming amount of them.

Anyway that’s my regular barstooler rant over and I’ll leave you with my overall thoughts of the event .. A great night for Irish Football … me hole!

The Airtricity League XI starting lineup

Full set Here

  1. The Irishman
    September 18, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    So people aren’t free to pick and choose who they support. Can you give me a definitive list of rules that should be followed when it comes to supporting teams. Once you provide this, I will ammend my ways.

    Presumably you are the single arbiter of what it is to be Irish or not as the case may be.

    You sound like quite a bitter person. How’s that working out for you?

    • September 19, 2010 at 10:31 am

      Indeed people are free to pick and choose who they support but it is emabrrassing that Irish people decended in droves to Irelands stadium to cheer a foreign team who were playing against an Irish team. Quite ironic that you call yourself The Irishman yet you cannot see what is fundamentally wrong with Irish people cheering against the Irish team.

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