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From 3 Points To 1 In 18 Minutes Flat

Sat 26th June 2010 – Airtricity League Division 1
Athlone Town 4-4 Monaghan United
4-0 up … 18 minutes to go … easiest 3 points you’ll ever get. But not for Athlone, nope at 4-0 up the only logical thing to do is to hit the self destruct button and throw away 2 points. Granted the referee played his part in the circus but turning 4-0 into 4-4 cant all be blamed on him.

Although, always one to try and get something positive out of it … Robbie Benson got 2 good goals, Niall Scullion put in a fantastic game and got a goal for his troubles and Gordon Watson finally stuck one away too!

Cant write much more about it without some fantastically vulgar language other than a lot of people will have to have a good think about whether or not they have a future at this level … cos I for one am sick of throwing good money after bad on a weekly basis for this horse shite.

Niall Scullion jumps for joy after netting his 1st goal of the season

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