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Basket Case

Fri 19th Feb 2010
Athlone Basketball Club 70-80 “The Rock” Ballon

Another shot at basketball but this time I was armed with the 1DMkIII which allowed a relatively high ISO without the level of noise the 40D produced last time.
From my memory of PE in school, basketball was a non contact sport … and judging by Fridays game my memory is a little off. The Ballon team were made up of some fairly big players who had no bother slapping into the Athlone lads … and to their credit the home side gave as good as they got. Some confusion ensued with free’s etc … arising from the apparent lack of English the Ballon team spoke … while the referees and score keepers spoke little or no … erm … whatever Ballon spoke!
In the end Ballon won the physical battle and that allowed them win the game.

Athlone Basketball Team

Ronan Keogh stops a Ballon player in his tracks

Full set HERE

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